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       etr                        From 20 until 26 April, the World Week for Education is celebrated in Spain.

It will be a week filled with activities that all aim for one thing:
worldwide education for every child, including children with disabilities.
Many people will take part in 25 Spanish cities.

Around the world, not all children get an education.
Half of the countries in the world do not have basic education for every child.

FEAPS, a Spanish organization representing people with intellectual disabilities and their families,
will also participate in events. 

FEAPS said that the Spanish government should do more for education.

They believe the Spanish government should also support poorer countries more,
to make sure all children get an education.

From the 20th until the 26th of April, World Week for Education (la Semana Mundial por la Educación or SAME) is celebrated in Spain. SAME is connected to The Global Campaign for Education, which strives for the right to education for all children in every country, including for children with disabilities.
In Spain, about 7000 pupils from 170 schools will participate in events across 25 cities. During these activities, participants will demand that governments provide a quality education for all children, under the slogan “I vote for education, and you?” (“Yo voto por la educación ¿y tú?”)

The Campaign is linked to the Millennium Development Goals: in 2000, during the World Education Forum, world leaders committed to ‘Education for All’ by 2015. This commitment consists of six specific objectives, such as providing free and compulsory primary education for all, and improving the overall quality of teaching.

Unfortunately, a recent UNESCO report revealed that only one in three countries have successfully reached all goals. Additionally, only half of them reached the primary target: universal primary education for all children. The report concluded that in 2015, 100 million children will not complete their basic education.

These results have spurred many demonstrations and actions across the globe. As for Spain, over 7000 organizations, activists, teachers and politicians are joining in the campaign, including FEAPS. The Inclusion Europe member believes the Spanish government should treat education as a goal in itself, and increase official development assistance for education to developing countries.


There are many ways for everyone to participate in the campaign. To find out more, go to: www.cme-espana.org/yovotoporlaeducacion. (only available in Spanish)