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The European Commission wants people with disabilities to help them.

They also wants organisations that help people with disabilities to help.

They want to make things more accessible for people with disabilities.

If you tell them about your problems, they can improve accessibility.

You can tell them about your problems with the survey here.

european commission

 The European Commission has issued a Mandate on 'Design for All' with the aim to include accessibility in mainstream standards. By 'accessibility', they refer to the extent to which products, systems, services, environments or facilities can be used by people with different capabilities. As a part of this work, an analysis of the main standardisation areas and fields will be carried out in order to identify which standards have to be addressed most urgently.

To help further their work, please fill out this survey and circulate it among your contacts. The questionnaire can be answered both by organisations representing persons with disabilities, as well as by individuals with disabilities, regardless of the type of disability.

The survey is available in English, German, French, Danish or Greek, and the deadline is 13 October 2014.