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This is the one-stop-shop for news, policies, actions and events related to intellectual disabilities coming from Inclusion Europe, our member organisations and the European Institutions.

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Inclusion Europe represents the voice of over 60 organisations for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families across Europe.


To learn more about our organisation, please go to our website: www.inclusion-europe.org

Inclusion Europe

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Plena Inclusion’s Music project for Social Inclusion
31 Aug 2016 10:30

Inclusion Europe member, Plena Inclusion has joined up
with musi [ ... ]

Article 24 General Comment adopted
29 Aug 2016 14:51

      Everyone has the right to go to school.
Schools should teach all  [ ... ]

Mencap pay tributes to treasured President, Lord Brian Rix
29 Aug 2016 14:01

      Sadly the president of Mencap, Lord Brian Rix
has died at the age  [ ... ]

Call for Applications – Finance Officer
29 Aug 2016 09:14

Inclusion Europe seeks a Finance Officer to manage and oversee our financial affairs and project adm [ ... ]

Call for Applications - Communications and Engagement Officer
26 Aug 2016 16:17

Inclusion Europe seeks a Communications and Engagement Officer to raise public awareness of the issu [ ... ]

In memory of Peter Lambreghts
26 Aug 2016 15:45

      Inclusion Europe was very shocked and saddened
to hear that Pete [ ... ]

Inclusion Europe welcomes new Director
19 Aug 2016 07:35

         Milan Šveřepa is the new director of Inclusion Eu [ ... ]

ICOON picture dictionary
03 Aug 2016 07:17

        ICOON is a German design company. They have made a pictur [ ... ]

Support Lebenshilfe’s campaign calling for Inclusive Reform in Germany
02 Aug 2016 15:46

        Lebenshilfe is a member of Inclusion Europe
that defends  [ ... ]